What You Need to Create Animation of Your Own

An interesting online video maker tool is MakeWebVideo. This is amazing. Their tag line is, if you can type, you can make a movie. All you need to do, you write a script, you type it into MakeWebVideo. You can choose characters and then it animates it for you. It’s quite in depth actually. We built one, wrote the script, tweaked it, I had a little go with some camera angles because you can actually put in some camera angles in there.

This is one of those really fun things that we were doing in the office and we all go involved and we thought it was really cool. I watched this little video,  a viral video that explains how to use MakeWebVideo. It’s quite cool, it’s worth looking up. I got that idea and then that helped and inspired me to write a rough script, one assistant fleshed it out, another loaded it into http://www.makewebvideo.com/ online video maker and it went back to the first assistant and he put the final tweaks and then we exported it out. I’m a big fan of this one, we only just launched it a few days ago. We’re not really selling anything but it’s good fun. We also have one of the best viral marketing video on Google versus Yellow Pages which you can see when you have the time.


Going back to MakeWebVideo, you can choose different characters. These aren’t the only ones. I think you can pay for those but the ones we used were free.
It’s really simple. Something like that doesn’t cost a lot and it adds that little bit of extra professionalism. You can get different levels too, you can get an HD version, you can get one that’s specific for the web. The same with audio, you can get different levels as well. You can check out our Lights Camera Profits review for more video making ideas and how to earn from them as well.

While you are making a video online, make sure the whole video is dynamic and not boring. At the same time, you have to be dynamic in the video as well. Do not bore your audience by showing the same screen shot throughout the length of the video. While preparing a video to promote article writing, you can use transitions to divide your speech into chapters. This will be more interesting to the audience rather than you standing in one position and pointing at the same screen throughout the entire video.

While making a video online, it is very important that you show yourself instead of just giving voice to the video. It helps a lot if people see the person that is talking to them as it builds trust which will increase your sales to a great extent.